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      Peter J. Starr   
has been creating some of the most innovative & highly acclaimed sound, video, lighting, control and digital signage systems since 1978. He has been written about in Mix Magazine, Sound & Communications, Nightclub & Bar Magazine and many others. Peter is a DigitalMedia Certified Engineer (DMC-E) & design specialist considered to be a leading authority. He has received highly specialized training and/or earned degrees from many major manufacturers including Crestron, QSC, BOSE, JBL, Media Matrix, Peavey, Crown/Techron as well as OSHA #510 certification. Peter has authored 27 “Tech Notes” papers. Peter’s client’s are from the USA and abroad, ranging from Studio 54 to The Winter Olympics & Ritz Carlton Hotels, with mixing credits that include Madonna, UB40 & Titto Peuntes
      Dan Longiaru   
is Chief Operations Officer. He has an MBA with 20+ years experience managing large, line operational departments and mission-critical software applications. Dan was a senior manager in two of the world’s largest financial services companies. He has managed many major process re-design and software development projects involving significant budgets and resources. Dan is constantly implementing improvements to Starr Group’s systems and procedures, & oversees daily activities.
      Ronald E. Dames   
with over 28 years in the Process Controls/Automation field, having configured Distributed Control Systems (DCS) at numerous pharmaceutical and industrial companies in the Bahamas. Holds a in Applied Science (electronics) and Mathematics (Acadia University-Nova Scotia Canada) and a MBA degree (Nova South Eastern University-Florida).
      Dan Gonyea  
is Sales Manager, bringing over 30 years of experience in the professional audio, video & lighting industry to the Starr Group. Danny started his audio career at the tender age of 14. In 1981 he found Tower East Productions, which has carried on to be one of Upstate NY’s leading live sound reinforcement companies. Danny has worked with hundreds of national acts including the Outlaws, Joan Jett, Moley Hatchet, Alive, Smashing Pumpkins & Rick Derringer, & has mixed thousands of live shows over the span of his career. His focus is now on systems for every application.
      James Falco   
is Chief Engineer. He is a degreed electronics engineer specializing in sound, video, lighting and communication systems. He possesses many specialized certifications including Acoustic Cad design & MLISA computerized analysis. Jim is also Starr Group’s field acoustician and MLISA computer operator. He oversees many complex electronic installations and also performs some of the most difficult and intricate wiring projects. Jim has extensive experience with Starr Group projects in the Caribbean.
      Walter Sicotte    
Project Manager. He has extensive certifications from the National Cable & Television Institute including Installation Practices; System Tech, Installer Technician; Service Tech; System Tech; Thomas & Brett Bonding & Grounding Certifications; Fiber Optic Certifications; Walter's background includes 14 years experience with underground and aerial cabling, and pre/post wire cabling of all types for large projects. He has 12 years experience with structural rigging and general construction. His previous experience includes work with ATT, Adelphia Communications, Time Warner, Eastern Communications, CCI and others.
      Andrew Fudge    
is Head Technician. He has certifications from Adelphia including Tech 1 (Basic Installation); Tech 2 (Advanced Electronics, System Design, RF Design); Tech 3 (Advanced System Design, Advanced RF Design, System Powering, Swept Balance); Certified Maintenance Tech; Fiber Optic Certification from Times Fiber; Thomas & Betts Bonding & Grounding; Andy’s experience includes 15 years with audio/visual, underground & aerial cabling, pre & post cabling of all types for large projects, structural rigging & general construction. His previous experience includes work with Adelphia Communications, Time Warner, Eastern Communications, CCI, Naicom and others.
      John J. Les  
is a Data Network Management Specialist, with a BS degrees in computer science and a second BS in Electrical engineering. He brings over 18 years of experience in the field of computer programming and data networking Management. John's professional experience includes work with Intel, Computer Science Corp, Digital Equipment Corp, Beloit, Magnavox, etc. John oversees most of Starr Group's Telecommunications projects.



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